Energise the Revolution

eLumina is a global company owned and operated by Australians, pioneering cutting-edge technologies for EV charging. Together with our Energy Storage Systems, we are redefining energy interactions and preparing businesses for the new generation of energy infrastructures to enjoy a stable and economical power supply.

Experience a revolution with eLumina, and empower your enterprise with the renewable energy ecosystem.

Why eLumina

Because we Energise the Revolution

Precise Cutting-edge Products

Eliminating the need for expanded power capacity and significantly reducing installation barriers.

Unwavering Technology Commitment

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to in-house research positions us at the forefront of the Australian market.

Flexible Financial and Turnkey Solution

Offering more than just devices, flexible leasing arrangement and our proficiency transforms turnkey solutions into seamless outcomes.

Energise the Revolution


Revolutionise EV charging and energy storage with cutting-edge technology. eLumina offers easy to use turnkey solutions.

Strategic Partners

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